Saturday, January 19, 2008


But before that, have a little laugh. All you need is an electronic file of your photo. Go here and find out which celebrity do you look like.

Yesterday, Lucky, Ails and I went to Glorietta, supposedly to watch Sweeney Todd together. Unfortunately, Lucky and I left UP late and due to *traffic*, we arrived at Glorietta late. [Ails actually texted us while we were still on the MRT that she's already in the cinema.] Because of that Lucky and I went "window shopping" and ate a few quail eggs (kwek kwek). Ails texted us when we were at Powerbooks that she's already out of the cinema and we should now meet. I texted her back that we would be meeting her at Food Choices, but I can't send her a message. Damn Globe. Lucky's phone was off (no power) so we only had mine to contact her. And as we went to Food Choices, I was trying to send Ails our message on the waning power of my cellphone. We arrived at Food Choices and started to look for Ails. We were, in fact, calling out her name in the midst of the hundreds of people who were in Glorietta. After 5 minutes, we decided to use a phone booth phone to call her. But my phone went dead. And we still have to get Ails' number. So I turned on my phone using the last watts it probably has, and got Ails' number. The phone we used was not working at first, for reasons unknown, but finally got through. Anyway, the night ended with us full of pizza.

Anyway, the real intended content of this blog is Lucky and my idea of how he should deal with his students who'd get a conditional grade of 4.00. I present, KWATRO o KWARTO.

S:student P:prof
case 1: Dignity
S: KWARTO na lang po sir.
P: Dahil pinili mo ay kwarto, singko ka na! Akala mo ba ganon akong tao. At ikaw, pinababa mo ang iyong dignidad. Nakakahiya ka!

S: KWATRO na lang po sir.
P:Dahil may dignidad ka, TRES ka na!

case 2:surprise!
S:KWARTO na lang po sir.
P:Ahh. O sige ineng. Pumunta ka sa ganitong motel bukas ng 7pm. Tapos magdala ka ng 3 days worth of food and clothes. Dala ka na rin ng energy drink at condom. Okay ba yun?
S: Opo sir. *blush*
S:Sir, nandito na po ako.
P: O sige isara mo na ang pinto at i-lock. Umupo ka na diyan sa kama. O, tanggalin mo na yung kumot.
(student sees bed is actually a stack of papers)
P: O ayan ang sample exams, mag-aaral ka dito for three days straight for your removals.
S: Eh para saan po yung condom?
P: Wala lang. Panakot lang. Babay!

S:KWATRO na lang po sir.
P: Dahil kwatro pinili mo, kwatro ka na! At dahil diyan, tatanungin kita, KWARTO o KWATRO?

case 3: baligtad pala
S:Kwarto na lang po.
(proceeds as case 2 kwatro option)

S:Kwatro na lang po.
P: O sige, maghubad ka na...

case 4:paasa
S: Kwatro na lang po.
P: A, walang kwatro, retake.

S:Kwarto na lang po.
P: O sige, pumunta ka sa kwartong ito, 8:30 am, sa June 2008. Retake yan.

case 5:singko standing
S:Kwarto na lang po.
P:Since singko naman talaga standing mo, sige, maghubad ka na!

S:Kwatro na lang po.
P:Since singko naman talaga standing mo, sorry, singko ka na.

case 6:unattractive student
S:Kwatro na lang po.
*proceeds with exam*

S:Kwarto na lang po.
P:Congrats! Tres ka na! :D

Sana natuwa naman kayo. :D Next time uli


Anonymous Anonymous said...

true to life ba yun?

April 17, 2011 8:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

totoo un.. nsa bitag ng tv5 ang example.. ung dean nanakot ng student na ibabagsak.. ginalaw ng dean ung babae kapalit ng 4..ang masaklap pa neto pinost ng gagu ung nude picture nung babae.. kawawa tlga.. mamatay na sana ung dean..

October 29, 2011 12:26 AM  

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